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About us

About us

We are a young and energetic team ready for the challenges posed by our current and future clients. The team is always ready to respond with high quality, excellent project management and subsequent maintenance. Over the years we have managed to maintain our main focus, namely to provide a high quality service.

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The Story of Ytuitive

And what inspires us to do our best to create software that helps to optimize various business processes, to achieve high productivity and reduce costs.

We launched our mission in the distant 2014 with the main idea of providing a quality service that each company deserves, to develop its maximum potential. To this day, we have not changed our focus, and moreover, we have added more points in our fundamental plan to improve our service.

Our First Client

With our first steps in 2014, we succeeded in gaining the trust in our first customer. We have earned it with the desire to prove that we could handle every task. We have succeeded in completely justifying our voted confidence, and moreover, 5 years later we feel as a part of their team and we are purposeful, just like in the beginning. During these 5 years of partnership, we have successfully built 3 new modules for the Ytuitive Mobile application, applications for retrieving data from third-party applications to their main ERP system and more. All the built functionalities have been successfully achieved with Ytuitive Mobile which successfully complements the company`s main ERP system.

Our First Major Project

We earned our first major project in 2015, when we had accumulated enough experience and portfolio to prove that we could handle and deliver more than expected. We implemented the project in UK by building an ERP system from scratch, through which the company manages the main business processes until today. For four years of successful partnership, we have an ERP system to accept, plan and track all customer orders. We have also built a mobile application to track the company`s mobile employees, and based on the information are being extracted performance reports and the successfully completed tasks. All the implemented functionalities have been achieved with the Ytuitive Mobile application, which is also successful as a main business process management system.

How Did We Develop

Throughout all these years, we have accumulated invaluable experience that we successfully apply to each of our projects. We plan efficiently every step we take on the road to success. We plan all the necessary resources and possible risks. We have learned that the organization, the solidarity of the team and the good knowledge in the sphere are the key to our success.

Our Future

Our main goal is to build our future with you. We go hand in hand with our current and future customers. We measure our success with the success of our customers. Let`s succeed together!

Emil Hristov
Chief Executive

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Facts about us

We ask questions

At each request of an existing or new customer, we ask questions to make sure we will meet all the expectations and not only, but we will also provide more. Every time we aim to completely understand the requirement by building it as we would have built it for ourselves.

We think in perspective

Every solution we provide is tied to the basic settings. Thus, if an amendment is necessary, we minimize the need of our additional intervention.

We comply to the best practices

We adhere to the imposed practices when implementing a solution. We strive to keep up with all the technological innovations that are being developed every day.

Always on time

We know how important the deadlines are for you. With our planning tools and by adhering to project management methodologies, we always manage to deliver the necessary solutions on time.

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